What exactly is Content Marketing

by Walt Bayliss
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What Is Content Marketing and How Does It Boost Your Online Presence and SEO

Content Marketing With DataJeo

Content marketing seems to be a new trend in search engine optimization, but it is actually the oldest trick in the book. Content marketing existed before anyone had ever even heard of SEO, and it has always been the primary method for search engine marketers that know how to get real results.

The method fell out of popularity in the late nineties as automated tools arrived on the scene. Back then, search engines didn’t have any technologies that could help them identify and eliminate tools designed to manipulate rankings. Because of this, the tools worked wonderfully, and anyone who could figure out how to use them could gain the first place ranking for just about any term.

That’s when the web became full of spam. After that, the search engines had to learn how to identify and eliminate content that wasn’t useful. Once the popular automated tools were no longer effective, it became important for search engine marketers to go back to the basics.

That’s why content marketing is becoming a big deal again.

What is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing as the creation and distribution of relevant content to attract and engage a targeted audience. It An effective and cheap website promotion tool, it can aid you to boost your search rankings as well as acting as a form of Internet viral marketing.

Content marketing includes the following:

1. Creating amazing content.

2. Posting that content where your marketplace will see it

3. Getting the content distributed by the individuals who enjoy it

Using the information in DataJeo – you can target your content properly

Here is what your content marketing plan should include:

1. A Deep Understanding of Your Goals

What you need to know is why you’re resorting to content marketing at the first place. What short and long-term objectives you’re looking to achieve by creating and distributing content.

This helps you in determining how to go about your content marketing campaign.

2. Understanding of Your Target Audience

Who you’re trying to reach is another important question that you need to answer when planning a content marketing campaign. The better will know about them, the more likely it is that you’ll be able to develop content that drives connection with them.

Don’t forget to find out

• The age and gender of your target customers

• Their location

• Their average annual incomes

• Their culture and belief system

• Online activities

• Their social priorities

• The platforms where they socialize or find information

• Their behavior and interests


These customer demographics are just part of the market research with DataJeo

3. Understanding of Content Channels

When you know about your target audience and their online activities, you know which channels you have to be present at. Their interests, behavior, and activities provide the basis for your content marketing efforts.

If you think that it’s mandatory to be present on Facebook and Twitter because almost the whole world is present on these sites, you need to change your perceptions. Some people are registered on these sites but are not at all active.

If you find out that your target audience is more active on other online platforms or private discussion boards, it’s better to concentrate on these platforms only.

4. What Content-Type You Need to Produce

Another important question is what type of content you need to produce to please your target audience. Some customers might prefer informatory content pieces while others may look for suggestions and tips. Some may be interested in the humorous content.

Depending upon their choices, you will need to plan a content mix to fulfill all their specific needs. Always remember that constant engagement at regular intervals is necessary to keep them engaged and establish a strong relationship with them.

5. Who Will Produce Content

Do you have ample resources to produce the quantity of content that you need? If yes, go ahead or else consider collaborating with a content marketing agency. They can extend their resources as well as expertise helping you produce the best quality content. Besides this, they also guide you through the entire process.

6. How to Measure the Success of Your Campaign

What your content marketing campaign should get you:

• More traffic

• More leads

• More sales

• Higher customer engagement

• New customers

• More content shares

But how are you going to measure it? Have a process in place and tools to measure the success of your campaign.

Exposure is what leads to results, whether you measure it by the total number of readers or your gross profit.

Taking Content Marketing to the Next Level

After you have successfully had one or two pieces published, you can start building your network of publishers. This is a lot less difficult than you probably think.

Imagine that you had two separate pieces of content shared on two separate blogs. You have immediately found two sources that are willing to publish your content and should add them to your list of publishers.

You must have noticed that content marketing is not a fad; it’s a hardcore fact. The world has seen a major shift in online promotional paradigm. Content marketing has overtaken every other pattern so, if you don’t yet have a content marketing strategy, it’s time to build one. Because if you don’t have it, you’re not going to achieve anything substantial, no matter how the amount of time and money you spend on it.


I Hope that helps.

Walt Bayliss


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