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Webinar JEO: How to present with online slides

Running Online Presentations With Browser based Slides With you can run in multiple windows. So – Running an online presentation can be simple and easy. In this tutorial – I show that you can use a browser extension in chrome to load up your slides online. this allows you to present in a browser window. SO in Webinar JEO, you start your webinar in screen share mode, and share the window with the slides and browser. You can keep your webinar control panel and chatbox in a seperate window and have both on screen, but your guests only see […]

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The Only Checklist You’ll Need to Host a Successful Webinar

by Walt Bayliss
If the comprehensive B2B marketing trends research for 2016 is to be believed, webinars should be considered as one of the most essential content marketing strategies for businesses. It’s a very effective platform to not only market to and convert your prospects, but also to educate and delight existing customers. But how difficult is it to successfully host a webinar? Not that difficult, really. Much like any other content marketing tactic, you just need to have a plan in place and stick to it. Here’s a handy checklist that can help get you going. Part 1. Before the Webinar A [...]