Hydravid Video Syndication Update

by Walt Bayliss

Updates to Hydravid Video Syndication Software

For more detail go to http://hydravid.com/

Update Details

In this update we add to the advanced SYNDICATE system the ability to build ‘link wheels’ into your videos.

This means that you can interlink a series of videos together.

We also add the ability to schedule the publishing of the videos so that you can make the posting appear more natural than
a single ‘dump’ of videos onto your accounts.

And finally is the wordpress plugin: which will provide free video content for any bloggers that want to add content to their sites

While at the same time enabling a huge growth of the Syndication network for the hydravid users.

See The Updates Below

The new updates to Hydravid Syndicate are there to help you achieve more with your Hydravid Video Syndication Software

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