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We ALL know that adding images to your blogs dramatically increases your chances of your content being shared and therefore brings you more free traffic. Just incase you need a quick reminder of HOW dramatically it increases your chances…look here:

Read the original article here


OK. so WHY do images make your content more shareable?


  • They are instantly more evocative
  • They overcome language barriers (widening your reach)
  • They make your content pop and stand out from everyone else’s!

(I know you probably knew this already).

BUT I also know WHY it’s normally pretty difficult for you to add images in to your content:

Because you normally only have 2 choices:

Search for and buy expensive royalty free images = Time consuming and expensive (Even as costly as $40 per single image!)

Take a risk on using any image from Google image search and try and avoid getting caught = Risky

Let’s face it. Both choices suck.

So, what if I give you another choice?

A 3rd choice which obliterates the time, cost and risk involved in your usual limited options…

And what if that choice was FREE?

Well here’s the good news: Here’s that choice:

Have a bank of millions of royalty free images instantly at your fingertips for FREE!


So, which are you going to choose?

It’s not really a choice really is it.

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Great! Smart move!

Now, you’re ready to get started populating your blogs with high quality, royalty free images right away - with ZERO COST and ZERO RISK of getting slapped for ‘just sticking in a quick picture from Google Image Search'….

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