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Finding New Customers Finding New Customers Starts With Defining Your Ideal Customer When you are thinking about lead generation, and finding new customers to work with, one of the most crucial first steps is to tightly define your ideal customer or avatar. You should be able to determine the demographics when looking for more customers. Who […]

Hydravid Video Syndication Update

by Walt Bayliss
Updates to Hydravid Video Syndication Software For more detail go to Update Details In this update we add to the advanced SYNDICATE system the ability to build ‘link wheels’ into your videos. This means that you can interlink a series of videos together. We also add the ability to schedule the publishing of the videos so that you can make the posting appear more natural than a single ‘dump’ of videos onto your accounts. And finally is the wordpress plugin: which will provide free video content for any bloggers that want to add content to their sites While at the […]
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3 Video Marketing Tips to Help You Rank on YouTube

by Walt Bayliss
No one is denying the importance of having great video content in order to rank on YouTube. On top of that, though, you also need to know how to optimize what you have so people see it. This is where video marketing comes in. After all, you might have the best and most informative YouTube video out there on SEO tips and tricks, but it’s all for naught when you’re not using effective tags and helping users find you. Download this free software and boost your video marketing efforts. Encourage likes, comments, and subscriptions. You’d think that when you have […]

Affiliates Through Relationships With Brad Spencer

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Building Affiliate Systems With Brad Spencer Brad Spencer is the KING Of online relationship building and deal making. Brad talks affiliate marketing and the ways that relationships can build profit. Find more on Brad at Or reach Out to him on Facebook at: This is just ONE of our series on affiliate marketing....

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