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Tracking Your Advertising Results With DataJeo

Why Tracking Your Results Leads To Better ROI   with you can do so much more than tracking. Like: you can find the IDEAL AUDIENCE for your products or services in just seconds. More than that, you can see what the ideal demographics are, WHO your best customers are and how to reach them. Extensive keyword and market research delivers the ultimate in customer profiling software. In this video, we show the lesser known side of – and that is tracking the results! Yes, you can do that in DataJeo too. not only will the software show you […]

DataJeo Case Study Part 3: Results!

It’s only the results that count! Data Jeo Market Research – Getting more customers – Results In Part 1 of our case study, we set up and researched our market. Making sure we identified the audiences, demographics, interests, keywords and style that would be the driving force of our campaign. Now let’s see the RESULTS … Continue reading "DataJeo Case Study Part 3: Results!"