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Tracking Your Advertising Results With DataJeo

Why Tracking Your Results Leads To Better ROI   with http://datajeo.com you can do so much more than tracking. Like: you can find the IDEAL AUDIENCE for your products or services in just seconds. More than that, you can see what the ideal demographics are, WHO your best customers are and how to reach them. Extensive keyword and market research delivers the ultimate in customer profiling software. In this video, we show the lesser known side of http://datajeo.com – and that is tracking the results! Yes, you can do that in DataJeo too. not only will the software show you […]

Three Ways to Overcome Banner Blindness and Launch Effective Campaigns

by Walt Bayliss
Banner blindness is real. Studies show that because of the sheer number of banner ads we see every day, we get desensitized to their effect. We don’t notice them anymore. Our brains identify which parts of a web page from which we can get content or information that we need, and ignore the rest. The blindness has become so prevalent that the click through rate for banner ads has decreased from 44% on the very first one to a staggering 0.06% in 2013. So how do you make your ads stand out? What methods can you use to make sure […]
factors of successful ad campaigns

Three Critical Factors of a Successful Advertising Campaign

by Walt Bayliss
One of the most famous Henry Ford quotes that get tossed around constantly in the advertising industry is, “A man who stops advertising to save money is like a man who stops a clock to save time.” It’s famous because it’s true. Advertising is an essential part of making money for your business. You need to let people know about you and the value you offer, and the best way of doing that – especially in this day and age – is through advertising. Or social media advertising, to be precise. Sure you can employ other methods – and a […]

Using Facebook with Affiliate Marketing

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How To Use Facebook Advertising As An Affiliate Using Facebook to drvie traffic is the number one CHOICE of traffic source for our affiliates that we have interviewed. In this special session – we talk with Mr David Schloss who is a facebook advertising expert about driving traffic as an affiliate using facebook and the...

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