Case Study: Webinar Software. Cold Traffic

by Walt Bayliss
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Starting a case study with developing advertising campaigns to our Webinar Software: Webinar JEO

In this case study, I will be using DataJeo to do the market research, and then be launching advertising, using the split testing functionality and link tracking within DataJeo.

In steps, I will be researching competitors using the traffic system within dataJeo, as well as the ads running for those competitors, backlinks and audiences.
From there, I will be setting up two pages for split testing based on the results I find.
I will be installing DataJeo tracking onto both pages and setting the split test to be 50/50 initially to see which page brings the most conversions.

My principal advertising medium will be (initially) Facebook(tm) .

We begin by running a search in DataJeo Traffic system using the keyword: Webinar Software

As well as selecting Webinar JEO, I am also analysing competitors such as Webinar Jam, Goto Webinar, Webinar Ninja and a few others.
My initial need, is to find out what sort of keywords these sites are using, as well as the channels they advertise on, the audience demographics I should be chasing – and looking at the ads themselves to better understand the types of messages they are putting out to the marketplace.

I have saved the report that we generated, You can access that HERE: webinarsoftware.pdf

And straight away noted some great information.

My ideal customer, based on the analysis – is predominantly male, 45 and over. With an income of $100,000 per year.

This will affect the message I am delivering – and types of ads.

The report also shows me a GREAT list of keywords to make sure are RICH on my sites – and the medium competition ones such as meeting software and web conferencing software, will be great to develop advertising campaigns for PPC ads as well as get some video marketing pointed towards those terms.

There is a ton of other information, that isn’t brought through onto the PDF – but is visible in DataJeo

Such as….. more keywords for search engines – including Amazon and Youtube, showing the competition and ease of ranking for those keywords.

SOCIAL: the channels on facebook, youtube and twitter that the visitors to these sites also typically frequent – this allows me to then target ads specifically to those audience locations.

Backlinks and anchor text: I can see the sites that are pointing back to these ranking sites, and the anchor text used. This will help with our content marketing strategy in the coming months.

and of course – the actual ad creatives being used by some of these sites.

This will also help me to fine tune the MESSAGE I am delivering in my ads.

As I put together a profile of the competitors, I am noting the main message that is being used – such as ‘ease of use’ or ‘price’ (the messages will vary depending upon the types of sites you are analyzing and their main selling point.

So what we have now – is a great overview of the types of messages needed, the wording to concentrate on, the location and demographics of the ideal customer and the best places to reach them.

The next step is to setup the pages for receiving the traffic, and make sure the link tracking and advertising tracking is installed on the pages.

I will keep you updated with the cost per click and conversion results.

Yours in Success

Walt Bayliss


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