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customer service tips

5 Ingredients of Outstanding Customer Service

by Walt Bayliss
No matter your industry or the size of your operation, customer service is an essential part of it. Sure, having a great sales team and an excellent product can drive growth, but only at the beginning. What gets customers to come back and become ambassadors of your brand is how they are treated by your business and how you made them feel. A customer experience report has revealed that 82% of people have stopped doing business with a company not due to issues with the product or its price, but due to a poor customer service experience. Good customer service [...]
youtube marketing tips

3 Video Marketing Tips to Help You Rank on YouTube

by Walt Bayliss
No one is denying the importance of having great video content in order to rank on YouTube. On top of that, though, you also need to know how to optimize what you have so people see it. This is where video marketing comes in. After all, you might have the best and most informative YouTube video out there on SEO tips and tricks, but it’s all for naught when you’re not using effective tags and helping users find you. Download this free software and boost your video marketing efforts. Encourage likes, comments, and subscriptions. You’d think that when you have [...]
benefits of bad reviews

Bad Reviews Don’t Have To Be Bad News

by Walt Bayliss
We’ve all received a bad review and agonized over both the contents of it and how to control its damage. But online customer complaints don’t have to be bad news for your business. A lot of times, as long as they’re handled right, negative reviews can turn out to be really helpful to your reputation. Handled well, negative reviews can turn out to be really helpful to your reputation. (Tweet This.) Here are some ways your business can benefit from bad reviews. They give your good reviews credibility.   Customers get suspicious when they only see 5 stars on your [...]
bad review dos and don'ts

5 Don’ts When Responding to a Bad Review

by Walt Bayliss
At one point or another, we’ve all received a bad review that was so unreasonable that we were tempted to lash out at the reviewer with a list of all the reasons why they were wrong and how it’s literally impossible to please them. Some of us even go further than tempted and actually replied to reviews like this. And while, it’s a must to respond to bad reviews, it’s a huge no-no to scold reviewers. Even if you believe they need to be put in their place. Here are five important don’ts to always keep in mind when replying to [...]
bad review dos and don'ts

5 Dos When Responding to a Negative Review

by Walt Bayliss
No one wants to get a bad review. It can erode your self-confidence professionally, negatively affect your prospect’s buying decision, and can be a pain to manage. They’re a fact of life for modern businesses, however, and the sooner you get a handle on how to reply to them, the better. Here are 5 dos you can take note of to make it easier when replying to negative reviews. Download this free eBook for even more DOs you can use as guide to successfully manage your online reputation. DO acknowledge the review ASAP. Most of the time, customers are not [...]
encourage customers to write review

3 Ways of Getting Your Customers to Post Online Reviews

by Walt Bayliss
Reviews have a lot of influence on your customers and prospects. While the negative ones can cost you 80% of your potential clients even before they reach your storefront, the positive ones can work better than paid advertising. Positive reviews can work better than paid advertising. (Tweet This.) The question is how can your business generate enough reviews to get more prospects checking you out? Be visible. You have to be online. It doesn’t matter if you’re not an online business, because your customers – more often than not – are online people. Meaning, they get their news online, they [...]
how to protect your online reputation

3 Things You Can Do Now to Protect your Online Reputation

by Walt Bayliss
Brand management can be a foreign concept to some business owners. Sure, they know that the public impression is essential to the continued growth of their brand, but the specifics of it are not something they’re closely familiar with. Some are even intimidated by the idea of actively managing a brand. The pervading opinion is that if you’re managing your business well, then you shouldn’t worry about random complaints people throw about regarding your brand. This is a very well-intentioned sentiment but ultimately harmful to your reputation. No matter how well you think you deal with your customers, someone will [...]

Online Presentations Without Going On Camera

by Walt Bayliss
in Tips
Let's imagine that you have an important upcoming online presentation that is meant to sell your new software product to a number of attendees. You have all of the information ready and you think that the majority of points are covered. You have even thought ahead and allowed the last fifteen minutes to be devoted to a question-and-answer section. However, you are aware of three major problems. For one, some of your visitors will be listening to this webinar while travelling. They will be unable to see your face. Secondly, you realise that there is a massive amount of visual [...]

The Success Series: It All Starts With you

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