4 Things You Can Do NOW to Improve Your Webinar Results

by Walt Bayliss
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Webinars are amazing tools for presenting online and while some good experience may be the key to doing webinars like a master, there are some simple things you can do immediately to increase your results.

The 4 Immediate Webinar Boosters

Webinar Booster 1: Go live. The big focus on Facebook Live ™ is for a very good reason. Facebook live engages people in a way that nothing else does, and what it means for webinar presenters is that you no longer have to worry about how many people you can get to register for your event, You can build huge communities in groups and pages on Facebook – and then use your webinar software to broadcast with Facebook live and immediately connect with them.
Live streaming your event into these circles is a massive win for the Webinar presenter. Gaining you big audiences and immediate reach.
(see our dedicated post on Webinars to Facebook Live)
Webinar Booster 2:
Don’t let your webinar gather digital dust!
As soon as you have presented a webinar, turn it into an online asset by setting it as an evergreen webinar. You can have people signup and watch the event, ask questions via chat and prompt them to take action with timed buy buttons or links – You put all the work into making an awesome presentation, now get that work to pay you back over and over again. With one click, you can turn any webinar into an evergreen event, or you can use an existing video on Youtube or Vimeo and plug it straight in. Your webinars can be assets online that continue to bring results for you, LONG after the initial presentation is done.
Webinar Booster 3:
Webinar Booster 4:

What can you do to improve your webinars?

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